Monday, August 30, 2004

The end of the Buffy Era

With the end on Angel season 5, it marks the end of the Buffy era. With that also start the beginning of nothing else to watch on TV anymore, with the exception of the CSI franchise. But recent news also see the beginning of the fall of CSI. What else can we expect from TV nowadays?

Charmed? Don't get me started about this. I have had enough of Charmed.

Ed? This bowling freak lawyer needs to get his priority straight.

CSI? With the possibility of two cast been fired, the lastest season might be the last. Or not.

CSI Miami? I am eagerly waiting for this one. As least there is nothing bad news about the cast.

CSI New York? If that pre-premiered episode via CSI Miami has anything to go by, this is a must watch CSI series.

Alias? I wonder Sydney is whose daughter. (Sue me, I didn't watch the ending of Season 3.) :P

Sitcom series(King of Queens, Yes Dear..etc)? I just don't get the joke in some of it sometimes. I rather watch those series with some serious storylines.

Anyway, I am currently into Hong Kong TV series. At least it gets my emotion pumping with their illogical sometimes emotional storyline. And sometime downright bad endings and makes me want to fly to Hong Kong and blow up TVB City. :)