Friday, August 26, 2005

[Getting the Word Out] Gulpz Guest Blogger call out

Alright fellow readers, firstly we at Gulpz would like thank you all for making us grow to being quite a recognizable blog. In fact, it's this growth that won us a few sponsors and they're helping to feed us a little. So, a HUGE thank goes to all of you. Now, as a return, I'd like to do something special. And I'd like you to help me with this.
On September, we will be giving an opportunity for guest bloggers to expose their blogging skills to the world. This is our first EVER invitation to all bloggers who would like to participate. We have 3 empty space and whoever interested to be our guest blogger.....for more please go to Gulpz :: Addictive Junk Warehouse

This is my first [Getting the Word Out]. Reserved for members....