Monday, August 22, 2005

Penang Bloggers Meet (I)

I finally was able to meet some other Bloggers at Sunday's (21 August,2005) Penang Bloggers Meet at Gurney Plaza in Coffee Bean.

I picked up Frostier on the way to Penang. When we reached Gurney Plaza, it was around 3.20pm. We were already late. Then there was another problem. There was a traffic jam on the way to Gurney Plaza. Slowly and surely we reached Gurney Plaza, that is when another jam occurred! Now, it is a jam to get into the parking lot. I had to choose the open air parking lot as the other parking lot inside Gurney Plaza are already full. So, we waited until around 3.50pm to get a parking space. Me and Frostier walk to Coffee Bean, everyone had already arrived! And one thing that was funny is that cameras was flashing and camera phone was all over the place. The atmosphere is like there is a celebrity dining at Coffee Bean! Something like Bloggers Celebrity or something like that.

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The Long Hair Bloggers.
Left : Jeremy, Center: Ong, Right : Peter Tan

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Sorry but I only have a 0.3Megapixel camera phone, which can only take this type of quality pic. This is the best I could get.
Anyway, 15+1 bloggers and non-bloggers that came for this gathering they are Yvy@It's all about me, myself and I,
Peter Tan@Digital Awakening,
kstang@A pathetic attempt at blogging,,
Lucia@mental job,
n305er@n305er Industries,
Ong@Malaysian Voters Union,
Andy@WittySquirrel's Insane Ramblings...,
Lilian and her son@5xMoM,
Cmos@cmos - Memoirs of a Blur Sotong...,
Frostier from Kuala Lumpur@A weblog of my mind, my memories, my life,
Bryan@Tech News Insight - SapiensBryan Blog and his friend,Ryan and ,
a mrKiasi@Kiasi aka Kiasi-ism from Kuala Lumpur.