Wednesday, August 17, 2005

How I rate the series/animes that I watchED.

Recently, I updated my Watching List and added my own personal ratings to it represented by Stars (). Now I will explain how I rate series/animes.

Criteria to get Stars () is simple. Great storyline, good opening theme, great character and character storyline, great ending theme. I care less about the acting or the actors. I don't even care if the actor/actress is insanely famous or insanely new to acting. Although CGI (Computer Generated Image) and computer generated actions will have a plus point when I consider the rating, but it's also less important. And to get that extra 6th Star which is Red(), the series will have to make me cry or it is appealing enough for me to rewatch it at least 3 times, then it will get that extra 6th Star.

From my Watching List, it would seem that getting a 6th Star () is easy, as there are more than several series and animes getting 6 Stars (). Well, that is not the case. I don't give 5 Stars() or 6 Stars () rating to simply. But as long as the series/animes fullfilled my criteria, getting 5 Stars () or 6 Stars () are possible.

It's not easy getting the 6th Star (), as only a handful of series that makes me cry. And also a handful of series that makes me want to rewatch them at least 3 times.

For US/Canada/UK tv series to get the 6th Star(), it has to fullfill the KLJS Criteria. It doesn't have to make me cry, but it is VERY VERY appealing in the storyline, the characters and the dialogues.

Animes that gets the 6th Star () is having a great storyline that is emotional (meaning, it makes me cry).

Jdramas will have to "show" their "Soul" when I am watching them. If I feel their "Soul", then it will get that extra 6th Star (). (Although according to me that all Jdramas have "Soul", it's how their "Soul" is being portrayed that is what I am "feeling" for when watching Jdramas.)