Monday, March 27, 2006

7 Gold, 12 Silver and 10 Bronze medals.......The Tale of 3 missing Gold medals!

Malaysia did well in this Commonwealth Game in Melbourne, Australia. It managed to grab 7 Gold medals, 12 Silver medals and 10 Bronze medals. It is slightly better then when in Manchester which Malaysia won 7 Gold medals, 9 Silver medals and 18 Bronze medals. In Melbourne, Malaysia managed to achieve the National Sports Council target of 7-Gold medals. Although it fell short of the Olympic Council of Malaysia 10-Gold medal target.

Seriously, who are THEY KIDDING?? 7 Golds is a good haul? What is wrong with almost everyone?

Malaysia has the some of the "BEST" infrastrutures. Hired some of the world's "BEST" coaches. Have spend "MILLIONS" of Malaysian Ringgit. And all they can muster is 7 Golds? Please don't come and tell me that even after all that, we only can play second fidel, third fidel or even NO fidel in Melbourne.

Seriously, who ARE WE KIDDING?

Laugh at me all you all want. If facing the truth is a taboo in our country, than so be it. I can only say so much, yet talking too much is nothing but air since no one wants to admit there is a huge flaw in the Educational System of Malaysia. However, one day, we...yes...WE will have to face reality. Are we really only good for 7-Gold medals?

Why even Jamaica, with a population of about 2,731,832 people can win 10-Gold Medals. Compare with Malaysia, with a population of about 26,207,102 people, can only muster up 7-Gold medals.

Ok, population probably doesn't mean a thing, but it goes to show the differences of other countries compare with Malaysia.

Seriously, if we give Jamaica our "World Class" facilities and coaches, I am sure they will get more Golds in the games.

So, the question is "Why can't Malaysia be "World Class", when every other things in Malaysia is "World Class"??"

For what's is worth, unless we Malaysian faced the reality that we "AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH...YET", wasting more money on "WORLD CLASS" trainings and facilities will only continue. And yet, we don't want to admit that we "AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH".