Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fool's day

It's April 1st also known as April Fool's Day. The day you get to play a prank on people and (most of the time) get away with it.

Honestly, I don't like April 1st. I stay clear of everyone and anyone when it is April Fool's day. And I won't believe any story or any events that is being told to me by anyone or everyone on that day. Lots of people thinks playing a prank on people is fun. Honestly, it is not fun. In fact, those who play pranks or tricks on people even on April Fool's day are people that doesn't consider the feelings of other people. They are insensitive and rude. They enjoy a laugh at the expense of other people. Just because they think that it April Fool's day, doesn't give them the right to play tricks or pranks on other people who might be feeling that they have been played for a fool.

April Fool's day is a day I avoid contact with other people because most of them thinks it is a day to play the fool. I say, they ARE THE FOOL.

April Fool's day is a day only for fools that thinks it is perfectly alright to play pranks on people. In fact it is NOT ALRIGHT.

You are a fool if you play a prank on people on April 1st.