Thursday, April 27, 2006

Idiots and Criminal Minds

Everyone is an idiot one way or another. Including me. I was, I am and I still will be an idiot. I do things that look idiotic to others, but to me, I do it because I think it is right! Yet, I see some people as idiots on what they are doing. It must be a human "flaw" or something. Everyone is an idiot!

Ok, that's enough ranting. Now back to tv series! And it's Criminal Minds! I was watching Episode 20 of Season 1, an it gave me the impression that some people out there are so screwed up, that it took (literally) a whole army to take the person's out! How did some of humanity become so primal? or back to the Stone Age? Is primal behaviour part of our DNA? Are we going to turn into a race of humans that needs a "miracle" to save?