Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Yes, the US TV Season are OPENED. Grab your couch and potatoes. We are going for anothe ride into TVLand.

And it's going to be a bang, with Gilmore Girls Season 6.

Then it's House Season 2. Need a House call?

Angel's star David Boreanaz returns as Special Agent Seeley Booth in the new forensic style series Bones. It will chill you down to your Bones!!

All three CSI's will be back for more Gruesome forensic investigation! And they are not letting the bad guys the chance to get away!

Jennifer Love Hewitt's new TV series Ghost Whisperer will tell you that ghost are actually dead people that needs help!

Watch Meredith Grey as she by scalpel or by love as she tries to survive her surgical internship in Grey's Anatomy!

And don't underestimate the power of mathematics, it can put you in jail if you commit a crime and thinks you have gotten away with it. Charlie Eppes's Numb3rs will prove that crime doesn't pay!

Allison DuBois sees ghosts. And when she helps one, you can bet someone is going to jail. Don't ever mess with this Medium, she is in no mood to show mercy on wrongdoers!

Fran Drescher was The Nanny, now she is the...errm.......what is she anyway? Anyway, if you want to know, then you would have to be Living with Fran!

It's not that Brutus hates Julius Caesar more, is that he loves Rome more.

Jared Padalecki goes on a journey in search for the Supernatural.

You think that having lots of kids is hard work? Try asking those that couldn't even have kids! Inconceivable will show you that not everyone has the abillity to have kids!

It's mankind's final chance to survive. An alien Invasion is near, but can U.S. Park Ranger Russell Varon uncover the alien's deadly secret before it's too late?

Annabeth Chase is not the person you want to be pissing off. This prosecutor is so Close to home that crime will have to take a back seat when she is around.

Detective Jack Hale will not take any crap from criminals with Killer Instinct. You can kill but you can't run from Detective Jack and his team.

Later in the year, Christmas isn't going to be the same when The Doctor shows up in his police call box. Aliens might be near!