Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bleach - Shinigami vs Shinigami

I finally managed to finish watching 55 episodes of Bleach this morning (now, lacking lots of sleep after waking up at noon).

Yeah, I know the storyline still isn't finished yet, and it won't be finish for another 50+ or so episode or maybe even more. However, right up until episode 55, there was one nagging question that I want to know about the current story arc in Bleach. The question is "Why the hell is the Shinigami fighting each other without asking question first or even finding out the truth first?". After 5th Squad Captain Aizen is assassinated, all hell breaks loose. 11th Squad Captain Zaraki is one crazy hell of a Shinigami, he only likes to fight and doesn't care about what's is going on. 4th Squad Captain Unohana seems like a peaceful person, however she also failed to ask. 12th Squad Captain is one crazy Shinigami and I wonder why he can become a Shinigami in the first place? Then there is 8th Squad Captain Kyouraku and 13th Squad Captain Ukitake even though did the right thing to do, didn't even offer some arguments, they both also fail. As for 6th Squad Captain Kuchiki Byakuya, I can't figure out his "I am God" kind of thinking. 2th Squad Captain is another one that is blinded by the word "Justice" and doesn't know what is wrong or right. And the rest are almost the same. Some sees the truth, some see nothing at all and some just believes the lies.

Good guys fighting Good guys. It makes you wonder if the Hollows are really the one that is real Mastermind in this.