Friday, November 11, 2005

Desperate Housewives Desperate for Ideas?

It was a hit soap opera in the making. Desperate Housewives was the talk of 2004 when it hit the US TV series scene and it was going strong when it ended Season 1. Now, several episode into Season 2, and it is struggling at the ratings losing out to CSI. I have already watched until the latest episode of Season 2 and I agree with it's rating losses! This season is a bit disappointing and there are a few things that I thought that is causing it's rating slips.

Firstly, from the start of Season 2, they are trying to make storyline arcs for all 4 of the Desperate Housewives with Susan Myers hogging the most. Lynette fell by the wayside while Bree and Gabrielle gets the rest. It's all about Susan,Susan and more Susan! Geez, and the mystery family that just moved into Wisteria Lane make their presense felt to ........ Susan again!

Secondly, Lynette isn't getting any storyline arc from the looks of it. As I have said, she fell by the wayside and you rarely see her around with the other Housewives. Ok, maybe because she now has to work. However, apart from scenes from her office and her house, she somehow doesn't have the exciting factor.

Thirdly, they are focusing too much on Susan. Neglecting Lynette and making Gabrielle and Bree picking the crumbs of the storyline.

This is what I feel is going to bring the downfall of Desperate Housewives, however, I also know it is just the beginning of Season 2. They probably are Desperate for some ideas to get them along till the end of the season. Well, hopefully they (the writers) won't be Desperate for too long. I like to watch Desperate Housewives, but hopefully, it will get better after some fine-tuning. If not, all is not well in paradise, as CSI is still hitting the heavy blows.