Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ghost Whisperer - A Series Gone Horribly Wrong

It really was a refreshing change when Ghost Whisperer came about into the US TV series scene. I was excited. Not because Jennifer Lowe Hewitt was in it. Don't really care, unless it is Nicole Kidman (Best darn actress there is). Not because it is about Ghosts. But because of the storyline. Yup, it was different. Or so I thought it was different. I was not only DEAD wrong. I was MISLEAD into thinking this could be the series that didn't have "Scriptwriting 101". Oh boy, was I fooled!

Maybe the first few episode was really a refreshing change, but after that I would say it is a series gone horribly wrong.
First, the storyline is leading to a "Nemesis will appear". Secondly, not only one nemesis, but TWO nemesis. It is not that having a nemesis isn't a bad idea at all. I don't dispute that having a nemesis will make the series more exciting. However, from my point of view, in this type of series. Having a nemesis is a very very bad idea.

Ratings aside, I don't really care if having a nemesis will "skyrocket" ratings. It is not about the ratings. It is about storylines and about more original type of storylines.

What the Ghost Whisperer storyline is heading, I don't really like it. Yes, the emotional part of the storyline is really good, but what the story arc is heading, it is like a head on collision with a 10-ton truck or a concrete wall.
I don't see the need for a nemesis in Ghost Whisperer. There is more ways to make a storyline "orginal" than just adding a nemesis or two.