Saturday, November 12, 2005

It's Jess to the rescue!

Looks like I spoke too soon about how Rory was slowly turning to the Dark Side. After the most recent episode of Gilmore Girls, it turns out that one of her former boyfriend Jess came to her rescue. After an argument with Jess, then another with her current boyfriend Logan, she finally "woke" up. Interesting storyline going on there. However, it would seem that she won't just go flying back to her mother's place nor will she go back to Yale. However, that's for the next few episode to tell. I am only predicting. However, if my prediction is correct, then it is going to be like this :

Rory will not go back and stay with her mother. She will not go back to Yale. In fact, she might break up with Logan or not depending on how severe the affect of the argument that she and Logan had and how much of the old Rory came back after the heavy shelling from Jess. What she will do is, go stay on her own, write a book or try to get into a newspaper company or not and start to plan for her future which she lost it after Logan's father "crushed" her during her internship.

That is how I predict it will happened or something similiar. However, this by no means is going to be the storyline as I am not the creator. I can only predict the next moves of the storyline based on my own observation of the Gilmore Girls storyline from Season 1 to 5 so far.

So, will Rory still turned into Darth Rory? or will be see the light and turned back into the old Rory that lots of people grew to love. Or will she become someone else?