Saturday, October 09, 2004

Grissom! There is something wrong with Sara.

Last season of CSI, we see Sara getting into trouble. DUI (Driving Under Influence)(Alcohol of course!).

This season started off with on a good note, but episode 2 is showing some bad "feeling" at what is going to happen to Sara.

Yup, it's speculation time again. I am speculating that Sara is going to get into trouble or cause Grissom some trouble. Or she is going to turn bad or something. Ok, maybe turning bad is a bit far-fetch, but the possibility is there. Why am I speculating that? Well, maybe because it is a couple of scene at the end of episode two that is very disturbing. It shows Sara watching some family videos (evidence from the case that they are investigating). And from Sara's face expression, it looks as if the videos unlocked some "old memories". And we all know "old memories" are sometime very dangerous!

Earlier in the episode, Sara told Grissom that she does not have a drinking problem. Grissom replied saying he is a concerned. Concerned about what wasn't really clear. From my point of view, Grissom wasn't concern about Sara's drinking problem, it was something else.

Well, let's hope this speculative scenario about Sara doesn't really happen. It would be very bad if it does. I am crossing my finger that the spark between Warrick and Cat gets more attention than Sara's problem. ;) (hmmm, that doesn't make any sense anyway).... ;)