Thursday, October 14, 2004

Gundam here, Gundam there, Gundam everywhere....

Ok, maybe there isn't Gundam everywhere. Not in Malaysian TV. Although there are shops with models of Gundam throughout Malaysia.

Anyway, I was wondering why Malaysia won't show Gundam on TV. Well, being a Gundam Fanatic I am, I can tell you why. Most of the Gundam TV series are NOT FOR CHILDREN AGE 17 and below. Most of the Gundam TV series have to be rated 18SG and also censored by the notorious Censorship Board from Hell of Malaysia. So, since censoring will make the storyline skipped too much, you won't see Gundam in Malaysian TV anytime soon. However, you can still buy them at the "pirate" VCD/DVD shops that also sells animes. Or if you have broadband and have a hueg harddisk space, then go download them.

Frankly, I don't know why Gundams have a hueg impact on people in Japan and now in the USA, but it is certainly the Gundam mecha's themselves that is the attraction followed by the characters and the storylines.

As for me, I just like the mechas. My favourite are all the main Gundams for each series (almost anyways).
ν Gundam ( "ν" pronounced as "nu") - pilot by the Legendary Amuro Ray
Zeta Gundam - pilot by Kamille Bidan
Gundam Double Zeta - pilot by Judau Ashta
V2 Gundam - pilot by Uso Evin
Wing Gundam Zero - pilot by Heero Yuy
DX Gundam Double X - pilot by Garrod Ran
∀ Gundam ( "∀" pronounced as "Turn A") - pilot by Loran Cehack aka Laura Rolla (And yes, he is a cross dresser for a reason). ;)

Haven't seen Gundam Seed yet, so not sure about the Freedom Gundam - pilot by Kira Yamato

Actually, I just like the Gundams, the storylines are not of interests.

Best weapon I like is Twin Satellite Canons on the DX Gundam Double X. (Pity it only works if Tiffa Adill is there with Garrod and there is a fullmoon)

Second best weapon I like is Wing Gundam Zero Buster Rifle.

ν Gundam fin funnels are third best.

By the way, you can get to play all these by playing the PS1 game of Super Robot Wars Alpha and Alpha Gaiden. In fact, you can play most of the Gundams in any Robot Wars series game. ;)