Friday, October 22, 2004

Maxis and I

I have been using Maxis (012) for 4 maybe 5 years already. The service is either getting bad or worst. But I still like to use Maxis. No reason why. Anyway, I just upgraded to it's limited edition 256k SIM card for a staggering RM65. What do I get? 1000 slots for phonenumbers and 100 slots for SMSs and some other feature that I probably won't use. Is it worth the RM65 to get 750 more slots for phonenumbers and 75 more slots for SMSs?

I think Maxis is just trying to overcome Celcom's 128k SIM card upgrade promo, but know that giving out 256k SIM cards is very expensive promo, so it will try to make it as expensive as possible to get the 256k SIM card to gauge the reaction of it's clients. If the reaction is good, they will roll out the 256k's to the rest of the 012's and 017's fraternity.

Now I need to figure out why I even need 750 more slots for phonenumbers. 75 slots for SMSs isn't really enough for me. :)