Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Hex - Just another Buffy?

Now here's a refreshing change: a sharp, supernatural drama about teens coming of age made this side (UK) of the Atlantic. But while Hex's basic premise - it's the tale of a slightly awkward but beautiful teenage girl discovering she has special powers - may make it sound like Britain's answer to Buffy, put that notion out of your mind. This is much darker (and sexier), designed to crank up the suspense until you're primed to jump out of your seat.

Source : TvTome.com

This is a new series that I just found out. It is call Hex. Still downloading and haven't watched it yet and no story written yet at Tvtome.com : Hex, but the prospect of another Buffy-LIKE series is just too good a temptation for me to miss it.