Friday, October 01, 2004

CSI : New York vs Kevin Hill

CSI : New York didn't disappoint me this time. Season 1 Episode 2 was better...WAY better than episode 1. It wasn't blurry and it was neat and complete!

However, new series Kevin Hill stole the show for me. It's another lawyer's series, and it's good. :)

Still, CSI:New York was over hype. I rather watch CSI or CSI Miami. I just don't like the dark atmosphere of New York city.(No offense). 70% of the time, CSI : New York looks like a black and white tv series from the yester-years. How gloomy is New York actually after 9/11? If that's the case(as portrait by CSI:New York), I did say screw the terrorists. I hope they burn in hell for what they did on 9/11.

Kevin Hill stars Taye Diggs ("Chicago") as a 28-year-old, self-made, hotshot entertainment lawyer in New York City with the ultimate bachelor life -- a high-power job, plenty of pretty ladies and enough money to buy whatever he wants. Through all of his exploits, he is joined by his two buddies, the charming and witty Dame (Jon Seda, "Bad Boys II"). But, Kevin's whole life turns upside down when he's left to raise the six-month-old daughter of his cousin, who unexpectedly passed away.

Believe me, Kevin Hill is one good new series. Just hope it will go on to beat the crap out of The Practice (oh yeah, I forgot, The Practice ended.)

Well, looks like there is life after the Buffy/Angel Era. And it looks great too. :)