Thursday, September 30, 2004

Smackdown! in Stars Hollow.

Season 5, episode 2 of Gilmore Girls was almost a free for all. Almost anyways. The only person that got the smackdown-ed was Dean. Rory just wanted to tell him that is was all over in a letter as she was still in Europe. And the expected happened. Dean's wife Lindsay had to "accidentally" found the letter. And what a "trashing" Lindsay gave Dean in front of almost the whole town of Stars Hollow.

And it was a face off in town square with Rory's mom and Lindsay's mom. No cat-fights thought. ;)

Luke meanwhile was stuck seven weeks with his sister. He was there helping out her sister and her husband. They had an accident earlier, and need Luke's help to take care of their booth in a fair.

Lolerai wasn't even a bit angry that Luke was away for seven weeks. Guess these two really are going to be a good couple........(if only I could believe that)(as I have said earlier, relationships in a tv series rarely never get as far as happily ever after)(this must be a concept of script writing in Script-writing 101 or outdated rules of script writing).

Anyway, WWE Smackdown! in Gilmore Girls anyone? (literally).
Match results:
Lindsay beat Dean in a "kick him out of the house".

Lolerai and Lindsay's mom ended in a "You and your daugther can go to hell" stalemate. Or I think it was a stalemate.

Dean and Rory face off with a "....." (actually, this match is still on going, probably gonna happen again in the next episode.

There you go, WWE Gilmore Girls......literally........speaking......