Thursday, September 02, 2004

Malaysian Sport's Big Fat Greek Tragedy (IV)

Just to note. I am talking from a "person on the streets" point of view. I ain't no expert, although I can see for myself what "REALLY" is happening in schools, because both my parents are teachers. And no, I didn't ask my parents about the situation at school, I observe it for myself.

One fact remains. If the current Educational System continues. Come 2008, shades of Athens 2004 is going to come creeping back into the Malaysian contigent.

And the routine finger pointing cycle is going to start all over again.

Seriously, at least English Premier League is better to watch than the crap that is coming out from the Malaysian Sport's fraternity. (And I am someone that hate's Football).

Goes to show Malaysian Sport is probably already six feet under.

Malaysia Boleh? ...........errrrm.......

Really ah?