Thursday, September 02, 2004

Malaysian Sport's Big Fat Greek Tragedy! (III)

This is the reason why Malaysian Sports can't get anywhere. Those people who thinks they know better just don't want to admit it that they have fail to instil "Sports" into student's at school levels. And now they are firing back, saying don't blame the schools. Ok, if the schools aren't the problem, what is?

Let take an inside look at the Malaysian Educational System at primary level. The students have to take exams just maybe about 2 months into the semester , and another exam another maybe about 2 months later, then it is the middle of the semester exams. After the mid-semester exams, maybe about 2 months later, there is another exam, then maybe a pre-end semester exam, before having the final semester exam. So, in total students have to prepare for about 6 exams per school semester. If a student is studying 5 subjects, he/she needs to take 6x5 = 30 exam papers (estimated) for the whole schooling semester. The Malaysian Educational System has 6 levels of Primary School: Standard 1 to Standard 6, and 7 levels of Secondary School : Form 1 to Upper Form 6. All in all, exams take up most of the time. Apart from the school exams, there is also the major exams. One at Standard 6, the second one at Form 3, and the third one in Form 5. And if a student choose to continue to Form 6, there is another major exams at the end of Upper Form 6.

Lots of exams right?

Nothing wrong with having exams right? Right.

But that's the problem. The Malaysian Educational System is too result and exam orientated. Students need to do well in exams. So, student would have extra classes, tuition, private tutoring...etc to get good grades at the 3 major exams.

Here is my experiences :
My mother is an english teacher. She also give tuitions. Since my mother likes to talk to her tuition student's parents, I got to heard several SHOCKING stories. Most of the parent's of my mother's tuition pupils go for MULTIPLE tuitions in one day. Some even tuition the same subjects at different tuition teachers.

"Oh my GOD" was my reaction. The whole damn Educational System has came down to "Get the results or rot!"

So, where is the Sports?
You tell me.....