Monday, September 27, 2004

Retro - Got myself "Bewitched!"

Was watching season 1 of Bewitched, which is in black and white. And have to admit, for an ancient tv series, it is really good. Or probably was the late Elizabeth Montgomery that got me "charmed". :)

Whichever the case, it was a case of retro TV vs CSI for me during the weekends. And CSI: New York got both my thumbs down. Grissom and gang saved it for CSI when I watched the first episode of Season 5 and it was way better than CSI:New York. :)

However, Bewitched stole the show and although it was black and white, I was really impressed with it's comedic storyline! Hooray for retro tv series. :) Now I can't wait for episode 4 of Bewitched!

And hooray for me, because Gilmore Girls will be showing episode 2!!!! And I am eagerly waiting for more Luke and Lolerai!!! :) WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!