Tuesday, September 14, 2004

New template, same old Beyond Thoughts Dreams [一個夢]

I finally got around to change my blog's template. The previous template was too small. I wanted a bigger template, and finally found one. Although it is dark in nature, I don't care. As long as I can blog and get my message across.

Thanks to shadowmist for this wonderful template, I can expand my blog to fit on a 1024x786 resolution monitor screen. Sorry for those using 800x600 resolution. TIME TO UPGRADE to a bigger monitor!!!!

Anyway, although the template has change, it is still the same old Beyond Thoughts Dreams [一個夢]. Only the appearance change and nothing else.

I will still bash the Malaysian Sport's and also the Malaysian Educational System.
I will still talk about TV and Movies and Hong Kong TV drama's and series.
I will still write stories.
And I will still blog in Mandarin!

That's me. Kenny Lee Jian Siong the Fated One!

Talk to me if you want to know more! :)

Updated : I decided to change back to my original colour of white which is better than just black. And I also forgot I am superstitious towards the colour black. So, better change it back to white. :)