Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Suddenly....it all changed.....

I used to watch US TV series, but when my favourite Charmed got a storyline "disaster" at the hands of some new writers, I look "East" for some other TV series. And out come TVB to the rescue. Or so I think. It turn out TVB series (most of them, not all) have even worst writers than their American counterparts. What I hate is the endings for a majority of TVB's tv series. A majority of them leaves you "hanging" in the air or simply you can say the endings makes you "guess" what will happen next. It is not really an ending. Everytime I watch a TVB tv series, and when the ending is a cliffhanger, I will be ranting and raving about it. Why can't they just end it like "Happily ever after" or end it like "The hero dies saving the world" or something like that?

So, I told myself that if I managed to get my scripts to TVB, I would insist on a proper ending instead of "end it so that we can make a sequel" endings. Geez, don't need to "cliffhangered" an ending just because there is a potential for a sequel. They must be afraid that they can't make any continuity if they end if properly. Bullshit!

I could write an ending and write a sequel to that ending without "cliffhangering" it. Doubt me? Well, not that I care anyway. I am currently planning a series to be sent to TVB. Just hope that everything "DOES" change.......I would personally fly to Hong Kong if they even consider to just "read" my story.

Frankly, you might think it is impossible. Well, I always believe I am a "better" writer than anyone else. Even if I am not that good, I will strive to improve. I can "lose" a thousand times, but doesn't mean that I will "lose" forever. :)

One day, it all will changed........and that's when you will see my own TV series "To Love A Thief".....