Monday, October 18, 2004

I can't do it anymore!........

I can't do it anymore, just can't. I can't pretend that I am "kewl" with everything. NO, everything is not all right!
I can't stand why most people keep on ignoring me, like I am just not there. Like my comments/opinions aren't worth anything to most people. Like me boycotting Spiderman and Spiderman 2 the movie is a "one man insane crusade or something".
Why I am saying that? Here's the multiple/several reasons why!
1. Almost everyone DON'T listen to me.
2. Almost everyone DON'T listen to me.
3. Almost everyone DON'T LISTEN TO ME!
4. (do I have to repeat 1,2,3?)

And NO, it's not like "Hey, people don't listen to you because your opinions/comments/suggestion/views are illogical or something like that."
Most people don't listen to me before I even open my mouth to say anything! It is always like they don't want me to talk a single word even before I even have the chance to talk!. It's all the same treatment from most of my friends, to my family to almost everyone out there. Want an example? "Sure, whatever freak!" Screw you moron!. Like in a forum, my replies/posts/opinions/views/creative thingy usually get by-passed by almost everyone. No one even care to read or even care to reply. I have to ask at least twice before even getting someone to answer. "Hey, dude, other people have life's you know!" Screw you arseho, I have a life too and I understand that. Let me finish ok? "Whatever, dorkhead". Idiot. Anyway, my posts will be left unanswered for days. Don't tell me that (for example)1000 people browsing the forum, all of them somehow "missed" my posts? "Duh". Shut up!.
It's been like that in my real life, and in my virtual life, it's still just the same. Most of the time, I can't even say a single word. Even if I say it, most people just don't really care. No replies, no answers, no nothing. Just the same in real life or in virtual life. I am just a stone on the street, just lying there.Only some people care and I am very glad at least some people care.